Leaves the trees standing

Neverwaste® is a new environmentally friendly construction panel made entirely from waste cardboard and packaging without the use of glues, resins or toxic chemicals.

We use vast quantities of waste that would otherwise be burned or landfilled to make a healthy material for use in furniture, kitchens, flooring and construction.

And at the end of life we can take it all back and remanufacture into brand new sheets over and over again.

It is a product fit for the new sustainable world we need to build, helping to slow climate change by preventing the need to harvest millions of trees to make products with short lifespans.

Each Neverwaste® factory is a micro world of regeneration and restoration, built on the belief that just about everything human beings will ever need can be beautifully made from the raw materials already in circulation on the planet. 

Please contact Rod Fountain, CEO
+44 (0)7957 424976

Neverwaste® is a trading name of Unwasted Ltd, 100 Fenchurch Street, London EC3M 5JD